Ahead in the Clouds

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The citizens of the Empacta skies long for the days where everyone, not just the wealthy, can ditch their masks and breathe the precious air that they call their home.

As an industrialist, you will collect dust particles from the air and water vapor from the clouds to convert to hydrogen and oxygen.

By collecting, converting and selling these precious resources, you can provide your family with the breathing room that you need to keep your business afloat and go home at night knowing you made a difference to the world with fresh air.

In Ahead in the Clouds, each player can take three actions each turn. Options are either taking/converting resources via connected buildings or Cloudbursting, which is breaking up the established network of buildings. Players can also take free actions during their turn to claim contracts to gain victory points, or connect their habitat to other buildings. Players must also be ready for the blimp from below, which comes every couple of rounds to take resources back down to the land dwellers.

After 8 rounds, the player with the most contracts wins.

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