Attack! + Attack! Deluxe (2019 Edition) Expansion

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Bundle includes the Attack! Base Game

Attack! is a game of expansion and world conquest set in the World War II era. It uses fast, easy-to-learn basic rules. The game immerses the players in the flavor of the period by using over 600 miniatures--infantry, tanks, planes & artillery! Take command and attempt to become the most powerful nation in the world.

ATTACK! DELUXE 2019 Edition box will accommodate both Attack! and Attack! Deluxe.

ATTACK! DELUXE places you squarely on the front-lines as you vie for world domination. Speak softly or swing your big stick in order to conquer your neighbors and expand your economy.

ATTACK! DELUXE 2019 Edition adds to the base game by setting the stage for combat on the Pacific Front. ATTACK! DELUXE introduces bold new mechanics with expanded Naval Combat, player government styles, new technology research, and seasonal combat. As the leader of a world power, you can choose to control trade routes on all seven seas or you can blitz the sovereign shores of your nearest nations by land: build the biggest army and crush your enemies before they crush you, or choke the life out of them by cutting their economic supply. All is fair in love and war after all!

Just remember, there's no fighting in the war room.

Attack Deluxe Components

• Rules

• Pacific Front Game Board

• 5 Green Navy Dice

• 36 Action Cards

• 6 Sets of Pieces Subs-Destroyers-Carriers-Battleships

• 118 Economics Cards Replaces Deck from Attack!

• Oil Certificates

• Production Certificates

• 8 Government Placards

• 116 Government Markers

• 40 Action Markers

• 40 Oil Markers

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