Build or Boom

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Build or BOOM is a fast-paced two-player game that will test speed and shape recognition.

GETTING STARTED: Draw a construction card (3 levels of difficulty) and place it on the card holder in between the 2 players.

HOW TO PLAY: Race to be the first to stack your blocks exactly as shown on the construction card. When you finish yell BOOM! & hit the dynamite blast pad sending the other player's tower to the ground.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: 40 various blocks, 2 Construction Workers, 2 Boomers/Platforms, 30 Construction Cards with 3 levels of difficulty

The object of Build or Boom is to be the first player to build the plans on the Blueprint Card. Once your building is done, smash your Boomer and your opponent's structure comes tumbling down. If your tower matches exactly what's on the card, score a point. Replace the blocks in the middle of the table and play again with a new Blueprint Card. The first Builder to 10 points wins.

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