Lastikman Tagu-Taguan

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"Can you beat Lastikman in a game of hide and seek?

In Lastikman: Tagu-taguan, you're racing to find Lastikman using given Clues! Who can think and move fast? Be the fastest in this game for the whole family.

Each round players try to be the first one to find Lastikman by showing 2 clue cards which will determines Lastikman's transformation (Palit-Anyo card). Each clue card shows puzzles that might be right or wrong and depending on the matches of the 2 clue cards they need to have the sharpest eyes and the fastest hand to find the right Palit-Anyo card. The first player to tap or place their hand on the right Palit-Anyo card will get 1 point. The game continues until a player scores 5 points and will be declared as the winner of the game."

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