Sprawlopolis: Wrecktar/Points of Interest/Construction Zones Expansion

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Includes 3 expansions!

A one card disaster hits Sprawlopolis.
A monster is rampaging through the city, taking down building with every step!
Wrecktar adds a card to the deck that covers the previously played card when it comes to the top of the draw pile and incurs scoring penalties.

Points of Interest
A one card assistant visits Sprawlopolis.
Builders from the next city over have come to help get you started!
Points of Interest helps you by giving you a starting card that has a point of interest that generates scoring for surrounding it with appropriate block types.

Construction Zones
A four card irritation comes to Sprawlopolis.
Construction has started and is adding an unwelcome wrinkle to your city planning!
One (random) requirement and scoring card is part of scoring. The other three go into deck. If the construction blocks are not completed (built over) by game end, they incur scoring penalties.

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