GeekBox PH Rewards

We would not be here without you, this is our way of giving back and saying thank you!

How do I join?

Everyone is eligible for this rewards program and it starts with your first order on our website.

How does it work?

The GBPH Rewards Program offers tier based discounts. Qualification will depend on the total cumulative amount spent.

All purchases will be credited to the registered email address during checkout. You may check your cumulative spending by logging on to your account.

I previously checked out as a guest, would my past order/s be counted towards the total cumulative spending? Yes! Simply register an account with us to see your purchase history. Just make sure that the email address is the same one used for previous transactions.

What are the codes?

Claim your discount by applying the code during checkout. See discount codes below: [Codes are NOT case sensitive and have NO spaces in between.]
Tier Level Cumulative Spending
% Discount
Discount Code
Tier 1 Php10,000+ 1% off entire order CASUALGAMER
Tier 2 Php25,000+ 2% off entire order CERTIFIEDMEEPLE
Tier 3 Php55,000+ 3% off entire order ENGINEBUILDER
Tier 4 Php110,000+ 4% off entire order GAMERSGAME
Tier 5 Php275,000+ 5% off entire order VIPLEGACY

How to use the codes?

The discount codes cannot be combined with other discount codes. However, it can be applied to already marked down items or used alongside your GBPH gift card codes.

  • If you make a purchase that pushes you into a higher tier, the new code will only be available for FUTURE PURCHASES and not for the current one.
  • The discount codes will only work if your account has met the cumulative spent requirements. If a code does not work, you have not hit the threshold for that tier.
  • If you are not sure which tier you qualify for, you may try all five codes and see which one works!

Important Notes

  • Discount code must be applied at checkout. Codes CANNOT be applied after the order has been placed.
  • Discounts are applied to the total order value and NOT applicable to shipping fees.
  • Discounts are only valid on our website. Purchases made from our Shopee or Lazada stores DO NOT count towards your total cumulative spending.

DISCLAIMER: If we suspect any fraudulent activity with our rewards program, we reserve the right to investigate the account and place the order on hold.

Should the account be proven guilty of such actions, their discount privileges shall be revoked and the account can no longer participate in our rewards program.

The GBPH Rewards Program is subject to change or discontinue at any time without notice. If any changes do occur, they will be shared here.

Last Updated 04/19/2022