Battlecrest Expansion Collection #1 (Solo Imperator, Whispyr Hero, Forge Hero)

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Battlecrest: Expansion Collection #1 (includes Solo Imperator, Whispyr Hero Set and Forge Hero Set packed in a wallet)

The Solo Imperator adds solo play. New heroes add variety to your games; you can play them in solo, in 2-player games and even play 3-4 player team games. 

The Solo Imperator enables gameplay for one player to play as any hero against any other hero using these 6 solo Command cards and that hero’s AI rules insert. 

Whispyr made an oath to protect the Neverlands against the corruption of dark magic; she has a killer instinct and a knack for striking quickly before her victim can retaliate.

The powerful warbot Forge is an unyielding colossus with an unlimited capacity for destruction; his massive blast shield doubles as a surprise weapon which may vaporize the unwary.

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