Brick Towers: The Wizard's Dice Tower Farm House with D&D Campaign (800+ Pieces)

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Comes with an exclusive campaign...
...for even the most experienced of Dungeon Adventurers. Game Tank is dedicated to improving the quality and versatility of your gaming experience. The merging of interlocking bricks and tabletop games is a no brainer! As avid role players ourselves, we felt compelled to improve upon our own experience and we are sharing our revelations with you. We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of our brand new way to adventure. Inspired by the immense success of our first dice tower, we were determined to push it one step further and show the world how we role play. We are Game Tank and THIS is The Wizard's Dice Tower.

The Brick Set for any Dungeon Master

Introducing the Wizard's Dice Tower! A fully functioning, interactive dice rolling experience that is guaranteed to improve your table-top adventures and satisfy your randomized needs.

The Wizard's Dice Tower comes with a D&D 5e Campaign!!

The story revolves around the tower and its two occupants. The story is designed for a standard D&D group of 4 and a DM. Includes over 800 bricks, a full color campaign booklet, brick build instructions, character sheets, monster stat cards, and 2 double sided full color battle maps.

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