CoderMarz: Coding Game for Marz Explorers

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It's the year 2090. Your spaceship has just landed on Mars. Captain Capability, Captain Courage, Captain Creativity, and Captain Compassion need to be able to train themselves on Mars to collect supplies in order to help them settle. But here's the twist - to help the astronauts survive, you are the Master Mind. Your astronaut needs to collect all the supplies and essentials to survive on Mars and you can use your predictive instincts to do so.

Building on the core game mechanics of Coder Mindz, this game adds set collection and learning about the planet Mara and space exploration to combine both AI and astronomy education. The idea is easy - play a board game, help the astronauts explore Mars, visit various places, collect necessary supplies, and a lot more. All in a fun and exciting Martian Adventure!

Learning Coding and AI concepts help you connect with real coding and AI.

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