Fiasco: Pride and Panic Expansion Pack

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Fiasco at its most chaotic is often Fiasco at its best! This expansion breaks the rules and adds a bunch of new twists. Enjoy the buttoned-down tension of Regency England straight, or mix it up with one (or more!) extra flavors—time travel, the undead, or wildest of all—geese! These mini-playsets can be used with any playset deck.

Contains two Fiasco Playsets - Folly & Fortune and Just Add Trouble.

Folly and Fortune by Jenn Martin
In Regency England, one must always observe etiquette as one maneuvers the marriage market during the social season. The fortunate marry for love, but settling for an income or title is a common consolation. Waltz your way toward the aisle or duel away your differences—just make sure you do it before time runs out!

Just Add Trouble by Jason Morningstar and Jenn Martin
This deck is a collection of three mini-playsets, to be used with any playset deck to add some unexpected fun. Each includes some twists on the usual rules, including custom Tilt elements and event timer cards.

This is an expansion for Fiasco. It is not a standalone game.

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