Game of the Generals: Mark-Proof Set (MPR White) - New Edition

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This NEW Edition includes the following:
- The Turner Arbiter
- Matte Laminated Playing Board
- Black and White Plastic ID Label Tab Holder
- A Sheet of Black and White ID Label Tabs
- The Generals Manual

This is a Product of the Philippines

Game of the Generals is an educational war game released in the Philippines in the 1970s. Its Filipino name is Salpakan. It is designed for two players, each controlling an army, and a neutral arbiter (sometimes called a referee or an adjutant) to decide the results of "challenges" between opposing playing pieces that like playing cards have their identities hidden from the opponent.

The game simulates armies at war trying to overpower, misinform, outflank, outmaneuver, and destroy each other. It optimizes the use of logic, memory, and spatial skills. It simulates the "fog of war" because the identities of the opposing pieces are hidden from each player and can only be guessed at by their location, movements, or from the results of challenges. The game allows only one side's plan to succeed, although a player may change plans during the course of the game. In addition, there are two different ways of winning the game. Certain strategies and tactics, however, allow both sides the chance of securing a better idea of the other's plan as the game progresses. Players can also speak or gesture to their opponents during matches, hoping to create a false impression about the identity of their pieces or their overall strategy.

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