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PLAKKS The new Football/Soccer board game! Score amazing goals with your fingers. How do you win? Lots of practice and strategy. Once you start, it will be difficult to stop!

Rules: Each opponent has 11 players in their half-field. One of both start shooting from the white mark of their area. From that moment each opponent has a shot from where the ball stopped. When you score a goal, the opponent must remove one of his/her 11 players. Whoever gets eliminate 11 players from the opponent WIN!

- If the ball goes outside the board when you shot the opponent will have 2 consecutive shots from the white mark of their area.
- A new game, unique, simple, fun and social.
- A mix of skill and strategy
- Very easy to learn and play

Fast matches of 5-10 minutes
- Made for children, youth, adults and old people
- You can personalize the game with the shirts of the best football teams.

Perfect to play in your home with your family, in a bar with your friends... whenever you want

- High quality wooden BOARD, measuring 53x33 cm. Covered with GREEN FABRIC designed to resemble a football field.
- All the game is made with wood
- Foldable game for a comfort transport

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