Rococo Deluxe Edition (Core Game)

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Welcome to the Rococo era. You are the owner of a distinguished tailoring business. In just a few weeks, Louis XV is hosting a Grand Ball and everyone is clamoring for you to provide them with an elegant frock coat here, a sumptuous gown there, or even a small sum to fund the great fireworks display. You quickly realize that it’s not just about your tailoring business anymore – it’s about creating a presence at the most prestigious ball of the era and the chance to gain everlasting fame and prestige.

Each turn, you will play an employee card that allows you to perform a task, such as hiring a new employee for your staff, tailoring exquisite gowns and frock coats to rent or sell, or funding some of the many decorations. However, employees are not always able to perform all tasks, so you must plan carefully how you direct them, especially as each employee grants a unique Bonus — including some that generate prestige.

The Grand Ball will end after 7 rounds with a huge fireworks display and final scoring. You will gain prestige points for the gowns and frock coats you have rented out to guests at the ball, certain employee Bonuses, and the festive decorations you have funded. Whoever has collected the most prestige at the end of the game wins.


42 Garment tiles
28 Employee cards
25 Starting Employee cards
1 double-sided Game Board (1-3 players / 4-5 players)
1 metal Gold Thimble Start Player token
16 polyresin Lace tokens
16 polyresin Thread tokens
3 Cloth Bags (for Garments, Resources, Jewelry)
50 punchboard Coins (20 Value-1, 10 Value-5, 10 Value-10, 10 Value-20)
5 wooden Prestige Point counters
1 Queen’s Favor tile
2 Employee Card Reference sheets
48 Resource tiles
100 wooden Trademark tokens
5 Player Boards
5 Tile Racks for Material Tiles
Jewelry Box expansion: 1 Jeweler Game Board, 24 Jewelry tiles, 28 Employee cards (10 specialized Apprentices, 9 new Journeymen, & 9 new Masters)
Madame du Barry Solo expansion: 25 AI Employee cards for solo play
Fancy Dresses expansion: 4 additional Garment tiles and 5 Resource tiles
Festivity Dresses expansion: 4 additional Garment tiles

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