Sushi Royale

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Sushi Royale is an action and bluffing game from Japan. Players are serving sushi, and trying to grab tea to win.

Welcome to our sushi restaurant! Make and serve popular sushi to your customers! Predict the popular sushi from remaining ingredients and make it!

In the case of a tie in the order, serve tea at once!

In this action game incorporating deduction elements, compete to be the best sushi chef!

Players each guess the sushi to be served by others and holds one of four types of sushi miniatures concealed in their hand. Then, at a shout, everyone reveals the miniatures. Your revealed sushi is served if it forms the (popular) majority. The served Sushi is placed on the plate. You get a cup of tea for every 2 sushi. The first player to get 2 cups of tea wins the game.

The tea is in the center of the play area. In the case of a tie in popularity of the sushi, players race to grab the tea at the shout of "Agari Icchou! (Here's your tea!)" Switch between different actions and move quickly!

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