Tali Bundle: Core Game + 10 Player Expansion

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Tali is the historic Roman version of Knucklebones. Featuring the tactile feel of simulated Bones and upgradeable to metal historically based coins. Helping bring History back to life. Tali, recreates the knucklebones game of gambling as the Roman's used to play it. Two games in one, Tali includes the historic rules played 1000 years ago as well as a micro role-playing game version with more player options and complexity.

Knucklebones is the ancestor to dice, before there were dice, the knuckle bones of sheep (or sometimes goats) would be used as it had a regular shape of four possible sides to land on.

The Romans would sometimes mark the knuckle bones with different roman numerals on each side, I,III, IV and VI. The roman numerals would then be used to score the throw of the bones.

Players ante into the game similar to modern gambling games. Once to play and then for each round. Every round each player will get to throw the bones. You score when getting at least one VI. The player who achieves either a Venus or the highest total will win the round and the coins in the round pot.

The Venus throw will win the game pot and the round pot (each face, I, II, IV, and VI).

A micro role-playing game has been added to the historic base game, in which each player selects a historic character from 1000 AD to play. Each character is given a rich background and a set of powers / capabilities to help them win in Tali.

Are you feeling lucky? Are the gods with you tonight?

The 10 player expansion allows games of Tali up to 10 players
4 Historically based Character Cards
4 Character Tokens
40 Coin Tokens

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