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Each set includes 48 trains and 1 stackable score marker.

This Deluxe Board Game Train sets from The Little Plastic Train Co. is the perfect upgrade for almost any train board game! Each set contains 48 trains and 1 stackable score marker.

What makes these trains special:

  • Incredible detail—our trains show features as small as 0.2 millimeters across (about 15% the thickness of a dime!)
  • Durable—our trains won’t break if dropped onto the floor
  • Easy storage—our trains come in small tins for convenient storage inside your board game boxes

General Train Set
Inspired by Soviet steam locomotives of the 1940s and 1950s, the General’s unique design will definitely stand out on your tabletop. The General’s tin artwork evokes Soviet propaganda posters from that era.

Hornet Train Set
As Americans bought cars in record numbers in the 1950s, railroads tried to lure back passengers with luxurious, “futuristic” diesel trains. Our Hornet train was influenced by these classic mid-century diesel locomotive designs. The Hornet’s tin artwork mimics the Norman Rockwell style of 1950s American train ads.

Mercury Train Set
Stylistically ahead of its time, the Mercury was one of the most famous American streamlined locomotives of the 20th century, running from 1936 until its retirement in 1959. The Mercury’s tin cover is in Art Deco–a popular style for train ads in the early years of the Mercury’s service.

Midnight Express Train Set
Almost two hundred years later, the 19th century steam locomotive is still what most people think of when they hear the word “train.” The Midnight Express is our version of this iconic design. The Midnight Express’s tin artwork copies the simple black and white locomotive company ads of that period, which were usually little more than a drawing of the locomotive and a list of the company’s officers.

Sunset Train Set
If you see a train on the tracks today, chances are it’s not carrying passengers. The Sunset is our homage to the modern freight train that transports goods across vast stretches of wilderness day and night. The Sunset’s tin cover is inspired by modern U.S. national park posters.

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