Unsurmountable: Expansion Collection

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Expansion Collection includes the following packed in a wallet:
- Unsurmountable: Big Climb
- Unsurmountable: Dual Peaks
- Unsurmountable: Acclimatization
- Unsurmountable: Rescue Mission


Dual Peaks (2 Mountain Cards)

With aching muscles, you finally reach the top...or so you thought. Turns out this summit has a twin. That’s twice as much mountain to conquer. Perhaps that’s what those Mysterious Statues were warning you about.

Dual Peaks adds 2 Mysterious Statue cards, which count as features when using the difficulty rules. More importantly, mountains now require 2 peaks, which means they also need 2 distinct routes to the top.

Big Climb (6 Mountain Cards)

It’s time to tackle the toughest summit you’ve ever faced. On this epic ascent, keep your eyes peeled for beautiful prayer flags and looming pillars of ice. This mountain is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Don’t let it win.

Increase the size of the mountain to a whopping 15 cards, and use the two new features (Flags and Seracs) to aid any climb that uses the optional difficulty rules.

And for all the serious mountaineers out there, this expansion can be combined with Dual Peaks; if you can complete a 15-card mega-mountain with 2 peaks, you’ll be on top of the world.

Rescue Mission (3 Rescue Cards)

Danger strikes all too often on the mountain. When you get a distress call from a trapped climber, you don’t hesitate to help!

This 3-card expansion adds Rescue cards. One of these is placed midway through the Mountain deck at start to mark the stranded climber. Rescue cards work like Mountain cards, but cannot be discarded for an action and must be included in a successful path up the mountain.

Acclimatization (6 Camp Cards)

Higher altitudes means lower oxygen. Make camp periodically to acclimatize or you’ll be too sick to complete the climb.

This 6-card expansion introduces Camp cards. Two of these are dealt at the start of every game and both of these camps must be reached sequentially before the summit. Making camp requires aligning two specific features horizontally adjacent. Players with the Big Climb expansion can even combine it with Acclimatization, drawing three camps instead for a massive multi-stage hike.

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